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Welcome to Electrocom Canada - Supplying and Servicing continuous Power for your Critical Infrastructure.

Electrocom Canada Inc. is a privately-held Canadian-owned Corporation providing state-of-the-art Power Quality Products. Monitoring and supporting our clients with an around the clock full Service Operation.

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By offering advanced protection for your data centre infrastructure, we safeguard all sectors. The Industrial, Commercial, Financial, Healthcare and Governments all depend on a total solution. Known for design innovation and industry leadership, Electrocom Canada provides the best in products, technical expertise and support services.

25 Years
of Experience in understanding, resolving and completing UPS power projects. We are Power Specialist at work, protecting your valued site by enhancing and supporting your Up-Time to it’s maximum capacity. This is achieved by utilizing existing and new products in applying knowledgeable technical design skills combined with superior Service.

Our Values
• Customer Satisfaction and Support
• Professional and Ethical Standards
• Commitment to Power Quality
• Contribution and Team Networking
• Growth, Profitability and Leadership
• Dedication to Service and Personal Responsiveness
• Proven Performance